Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (2024)

Master Mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game mode in World Exploration. While Dark Mode is similar to normal Story Mode, Master Mode features different enemies while still having the same map as Dark and Story Mode. These stages are difficult to pass since they have lots of restrictions and debuffs that can result in your team getting wiped early if you don’t use the right cookies. For example, World 1 limits your cookies to Level 50 (if you have a higher level, the game would level down your cookie for the duration of the stage), and cancels the effects of your Guild Buffs, Bonds, and Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades.

Table Of Contents

  1. How to play the Master mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom
    • Best Cookies to use for Master Mode
    • Stages to farm Soulcores
      • World 1 (Land of Little Big Dreams)
      • World 2 (Dragon Hill)
      • World 3 (Pilgrim's Path)
      • World 4 (Hero's Gate)

Master Mode gives you rewards for clearing a stage, and it can range from Sugar Crystals, Soul Essence, Topping Pieces, XP Jelly, and Soul cores. Sugar Crystals and Soul Essence are hard to get in the game, so clearing these stages is good for having a stock of them over time.

How to play the Master mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Best Cookies to use for Master Mode

Most of the time, you’d be using a Summoners Comp (Cotton Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Eclair Cookie, and Crunchy Chip Cookie) to pass through the stages in Master Mode. Summoners are a good solution to the majority of these enemies. While these enemies have a high attack, it’s only short-range so they can’t harm you if you have summoned creatures to help keep them at bay.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (1)

Cotton and Oyster use Swift Chocolate toppings (Oyster needs 11.2 cooldowns for 3 soldiers, and 24.3 cooldowns for 4 soldiers), and Pumpkin Pie uses Whole Almonds (she has one of the most fragile HP and DEF stats in the game, so you want her to survive so she can keep casting her skill).

Eclair uses Searing Raspberry (since he’s the only cookie that can target enemies from a long distance, and you’d want to prioritize a higher attack), and Crunchy Chip can use either Searing Raspberry, Juicy Apple Jelly, or Whole Almonds. Other cookies you can use include:

  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Espresso Cookie (Sea Fairy, Frost Queen, and Espresso are great at delaying enemies from getting to your team)
  • Wildberry Cookie (He’s a good alternative to Crunchy Chip if you find that Crunchy Chip dies too early in the stages)
  • Dark Cacao Cookie (for breaking down the enemy’s HP Shields)
  • Pomegranate Cookie (provides a 30% ATK Boost, helpful for the later stages of Master Mode)
  • Financier Cookie (protects your highest attacker)

Stages to farm Soulcores

While you can get Soulstones from Mileage Shop, Soulcoresare a different matter. Since you can only obtain them from Arena Medal Shop, Guild Shop, and Rainbow Shell Gallery by chance (these shops only provide a small number of soul cores, and the cookie is randomized every reset), it’s harder to consistently get soul cores in the game than soulstones.

Soul cores are used for Ascended cookies, and cookies that are Ascended can be promoted further into 5-A. To have a cookie at 5-A would require a total of 200 Soulcores. If a cookie you want to upgrade is in Master Mode, then your best way to make that cookie stronger is by farming Soulcores in Master Mode.

World 1 (Land of Little Big Dreams)

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (2)
  • Espresso Cookie: 1-03
  • Licorice Cookie: 1-05
  • Chili Pepper Cookie: 1-07
  • Kumiho Cookie: 1-09
  • Black Raisin Cookie: 1-11
  • Pomegranate Cookie: 1-13

World 2 (Dragon Hill)

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (3)
  • Purple Yam Cookie: 2-03
  • Pastry Cookie: 2-06
  • Fig Cookie: 2-08
  • Red Velvet Cookie: 2-10
  • Mango Cookie: 2-12
  • Latte Cookie: 2-14
  • Lilac Cookie: 2-16
  • Vampire Cookie: 2-18

World 3 (Pilgrim’s Path)

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (4)
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie: 3-03
  • Sparkling Cookie: 3-05
  • Squid Ink Cookie: 3-07
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie: 3-09
  • Rye Cookie: 3-11
  • Parfait Cookie: 3-13
  • Raspberry Cookie: 3-15
  • Madeleine Cookie: 3-17
  • Herb Cookie: 3-19
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie: 3-21
  • Raspberry Cookie: 3-23
  • Dark Choco Cookie: 3-25

World 4 (Hero’s Gate)

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (5)
  • Mala Cookie: 4-03
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie: 4-06
  • Mint Choco Cookie: 4-08
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie: 4-10
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie: 4-12
  • Milk Cookie: 4-14
  • Cotton Cookie: 4-16
  • Tiger Lily Cookie: 4-18
  • Almond Cookie: 4-20
  • Cocoa Cookie: 4-22
  • Snow Sugar Cookie: 4-24
  • Eclair Cookie: 4-26
  • Tea Knight: 4-28

There are 40 different cookie Soul cores you can get via Master Mode. All of these Soul cores are of Epic rarity. Some of the stages above are written in bold. These are the stages that have Soul cores for Meta cookies, so if you feel like farming Soul cores then these are the stages you should focus on.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Master mode Guide and Tips (2024)


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